designing moments to remember

Growing up I was always a planner, although my brothers preferred to use the term “bossy”. I loved design, the outdoors, and moments; not only experiencing, but also creating moments. I enjoy seeing people having a great time! I believe, that as an event coordinator, that makes the top 3 list of my important roles in any function, big or small.

I want to get to know my clients on a level that is going to allow me to add touches that in turn, create moments that become cherished memories for themselves and their guests. Once the music has stopped, the photos have faded, and life moves forward, we will always have the memories. At L+L we do everything in our power to ensure that the memories are that of a joyous celebration that was relaxing and a reflection of the individuals whom were hosting.  By hiring a coordinator for your wedding or event, you not only allow yourself, but your guests to enjoy themselves and create everlasting memories!

Xo Crystal

My first Memory: My 4th birthday. I don’t remember the gifts I received, everyone’s name that was there, or the games played. I do remember eating gummy bear ice cream out of rainbow coloured ice cream cones. That is my first memory from childhood, and I smile every time I recall it.

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