Our Story


The method-ology

Method derives from the Greek origin methodos which breaks down to “pursuit of knowledge”. At Method Event Planning and Design we aim to create events that have an intentional design. By getting to know you, your values, and priorities we are able to offer thoughtful suggestions to create a guest experience that is a representation of you (as a couple, business or brand). We believe that while events are filled with general outlines and concepts; it is the personal touches that your guests will remember.


the magic-maker

Being creative, but also weirdly organized was always part of my life growing up; how lucky am I to have been able to create a business that encompasses both of these very different traits?! I love being able to see events go from an idea, Pinterest board, or concept to completion.

I cherish cultivating relationships with both clients and the amazing list of creatives that Saskatoon has to offer. I believe in collaboration and truly working together as a team to seamlessly curate a detail-focused event or celebration. I don’t believe there is one person who can truly “do it all”.

I share my home (and full life) with my husband Scott and sweet babe Olivia, just outside the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.