rebrand (ri:brænd)

To change the way a product or service is presented to or perceived by the public

Five years ago when I started Love and Lace Event Design, truthfully, I had no definite idea of what I was doing, where I wanted this business to grow, or the importance of naming and branding a business.  I was at such a different place in my personal life that I was so focused on the ‘now’ and the excitement of jumping into this wildly rewarding and beautiful world of weddings. I didn’t take advice from people who warned me of the limitations this name would offer and decided to run with it. I think one of the biggest mistakes I made was sourcing all of my elements from very different people. I had a friend take photos for my website, a friend of a friend turned my drawing into an official logo, and my friend’s husband create my website. I am forever indebted and grateful to every one of these people, but at no point did I actively communicate the other elements to any of these people; my bad! And do not get me wrong, I absolutely adore the company I have been able to create under this entity, I simply felt silly and unprofessional when introducing myself as an entrepreneur.


Working with Molly from Arcana Creative has been one of the most amazing experiences I have done in brand and business development. She’s able to articulate everything I try to say (in a way that makes me sound a lot cooler than I am), she listens and interoperates the visions that I have and has (seemingly) effortlessly created a brand and design that I am so proud to share with you all.

I plan on sharing my inspiration of the new name (Method Event Planning and Design), and some of the new offerings we will be focusing on. For now, I am so excited to share these photos from my branding shoot with Kristina Elrich Photography. I wanted to evoke a feeling of calm elegance. The flowers provided by Twig and Bloom, and stationary from PaperOcelot look absolutely stunning against the bright backdrop at The Crossmount. Saskatoon is filled with so many amazing (and majority woman-run) creative businesses that serve the wedding and event industry that I can not wait to use this platform to share my love for them all with you all!

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